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Company Policy
1.  Any purchase order for the price agreed upon by Pacific Waterjet SD and the customer constitutes acceptance by the customer of all the terms listed below.

2.  Pacific Waterjet SD guarantees its cutting services to meet customer requirments.  If any defect is found, Pacific Waterjet SD will replace the defective product at no charge to the customer.

3.  Payment for Pacific Waterjet SD work is required within 30 days.  If payment is due during the cutting process, Pacific Waterjet SD reserves the right to stop the work until it recieves the complete payment from the customer.

4.  Job completion may be delayed in case the customer requests extra work and in case of natural disasters.

5.  Pacific Waterjet SD and customer agree to mediate any dispute or disagreement before resorting to a court of law.  If for any reason either party resorts to a court before mediation, this party will not be entitled to court fees including attorney fees.

6.  Pacific Waterjet SD does not share, sell or rent out any of the information received by the customer unless legally compelled to do so.  However, Pacific Waterjet SD may use this information to contact the customer from time to time to share services that we feel are of interest to the customer.  If you would like your information removed from our records, please send us an email message with "Remove Personal Information" in the subject line.